10 crucial elements of an e-commerce Store

10 crucial elements of an e-commerce Store

The ever-changing digital trends and advancements in technology are changing the shopping experience in the world. To provide an enhanced version of the shopping experience e-commerce stores are making a grand entrance across the globe. An e-commerce store is a website that drives customers to conversion.

For an e-commerce store set up, numerous added features can be customized for an outstanding shop. From your homepage to other website pages, your e-commerce store requires a layout that is navigable, easy to use, and follows a simple pattern.

Here, we will jot down 10 crucial elements of an e-commerce store! Let us proceed.

Brand essence is a must

An e-commerce store setup online needs to have a strong depiction of your brand. Your brand essence should not go missing on it. You are selling your brand online, for that, you must keep the brand identity alive. Your page should immediately tell who you are as a brand and what are your offers.

Depicting your brand essence will give a subliminal cue in the minds of the consumers, that yes! ‘They are at the right place’. Your logo will play an integral role in fostering trust amongst the consumers and your corporate colors will help them recognize your brand. Don’t forget to pay attention to these elements.

Depict who you are!

You are a brand and you need to attract a lot of customers to it! Without telling the visitors about yourself, you will stand at the same place. It is important to tell them about your brand.

Your e-commerce store setup company partners will always guide you in writing the best business descriptions to attract potential buyers. A good e-commerce store will always have great brand insights to share with the customers. Make sure you tell the visitors who you are as a brand and what are your services. This will always build a positive notion in their minds.



Value proposition

Since the current marketplace is competitive and the competition seems to be at a rising rate. You need to tell your customers why you are better than your competitor brands. This is very important. Make sure you highlight the Unique Selling Point (USP) of your brand so that your customers can decide in real-time.

If you are hiring an e-commerce store setup agency, they will always ask for your brand’s USP to differentiate you from your competitors.

Add the necessary CTA’S

To turn your e-commerce website visitors into loyal customers, they require a perfect call to action button. Making your call-to-action prominent and decisive will lead them to take any action from it. CTA’s work like persuasive buttons that help the visitors make a decision. A visible CTA on your website will help them purchase and make their shopping experience convenient.

An e-commerce store setup services, always have your back while making the necessary CTA’s. They know how crucial they are for your store to flourish in the competitive marketplace.

Bestsellers in the limelight

One of the most features for your e-commerce store is to funnel down all your best-sellers in one place and highlight them. Best-sellers are the products and services that are most sold items. Placing your best sellers under the limelight will let the site visitors know what the brand excels in and what kind of products the brand has.

Moreover, if we talk about the store, on the whole, your best-sellers need to come on the homepage. Homepage elements are accessible and have a good recall factor.

Product categorization

Placing the products according to their categories is the best way to attract maximum visitors to take an action. An organized way of placing your products will lead to a great user experience which can leave a positive impact on your brand. The more organized and categorized your products are, the high chances they have of becoming the consumer's top priority.

Make sure you place the products under certain orders and categorize them for a good user experience.


Your navigation tabs work to pull the customers through the sales funnel and that is vital. A map of your site needs to be easy and convenient at the same time. Visitors usually don’t like spending hours on a website to just learn the basic site functions. Make sure your e-commerce store setup partners don’t forget to make your site experience easy to use. A first glance should tell the whole story about your e-commerce store, this will allow high conversion rates on your online store.

Easy-access shopping cart

A shopping cart your store has should be placed on the homepage along with all the other pages. A small CTA for shopping cart can do the needful here. Customers often have a habit to leave their cart as it is. Having easy access to the shopping cart will remind them about the products they liked and wanted to buy. The next time they open the cart, they will probably end up checking out happily. Easy access to the shopping cart will help them purchase the left-out products as well.

Zoom option for the products

Most e-commerce websites make the mistake of not adding the zoom buttons with the pictures. A zoom button feature is necessary because every customer likes to dive deep into the details of the product. Even at physical retail outlets, people don’t purchase until they examine the products. That’s how simple the ideation is, the zoom button highlights satisfaction amongst the customers. They purchase what they see.

Here is a catch for you! Make sure your product pictures are of top quality, this will help the customers spot the tiniest detail with the zoom button.

Ratings and review sections

It is highly important to add a ratings and review section on each page of your e-commerce store. This will help the visitors know about the customer experience. The most important benefit of this element is to let the visitors know about your products and services in detail. Feedbacks other visitors in knowing your brand to a good level. If you have a good rating section, other customers will also be persuaded to purchase from your store.


Building e-commerce is not a difficult task but building a good experience alongside does involve efforts. Some of the crucial elements of an e-commerce store are mentioned above, there are a lot more you can incorporate to give your potential clients an everlasting shopping experience. All the best!

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