10 Tips to Promote your Amazon Marketing on Social Media

10 Tips to Promote your Amazon Marketing on Social Media

Selling products on Amazon is a perfect self-promotion example. You don’t have to do anything fancy nor spend extravagantly for those super expensive PPC ad campaigns. Undeniably, Jeff Bezos’s platform provides you with everything on the table. The waiter serves you a fried egg; all you have to do is sprinkle it with salt and pepper for added taste (effect). But still, there’s always a strong tang missing in the egg’s white and yolk. Indeed, the best savors come when you combine them with hot bread and a cup of tea. Likewise, social media works as an effective sideline to help you sell your A-to-Z products.

Correspondingly, the eCommerce giant offers useful tools and several plugins. You can use these to decorate your online store and promote your products. Hiring an Amazon marketing company for the job can be a great idea. Remember, there’s always something you’re missing in the box. Not that it lacks something, but there are infinite polishes and possibilities you can apply to it. Thanks to consistent updates Amazon provides to its clients. But to be honest, it cannot compete with social media marketing (SMM). It gives your Amazon store the best boost ever – your products start selling like hotcakes.

So, what does it takes to sell on social media? How can you start fast without delay to promote your Amazon products on these proactive interactive platforms online? You can combine your Amazon store with social media in many ways to see how affluent winds turn in your favor. But the best techniques to advertise your Amazon products on Facebook or any other platform are as follows:

1. Sign up on Popular Social Networking Platforms

Start by creating multiple accounts for different social media websites. Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube are the most famous ones. You will find millions of users round the clock on these platforms. Do not expect to catch up with a global target audience if you’re present on Facebook but absent from the rest.

Besides, each social networking platform has unique traits and features. These affect your online visibility distinctively. Facebook is famous for creating compelling posts, Instagram allows you to upload pictures with captions, and YouTube helps you upload videos.  

2. Create an Official Facebook Page

You can buy comprehensive Amazon marketing services online, but it’s better to create a Facebook page first. If you don’t have any social media page to sell your Amazon products, agencies can come in shrewdly and ask you for boatloads of cash. Therefore, create your business Facebook page first and do everything afterward.

3. Sell your Amazon Products on the Facebook marketplace

After creating your Facebook account, start navigating across the added bazaar to find ample selling opportunities. Though the Zuckerberg platform’s virtual square has been there for around seven years, it’s more active nowadays. So, without wasting your time, head on right into the Facebook marketplace and post your Amazon product ads.

4. Post Instagram Product Photos with Captions

You cannot go wrong with Instagram for marketing your Amazon products on social media. Not only does it allow you to post images, but also eye-catching captions. Hence, this allows you to promote your products more convincingly in fewer words – via an attention-grabbing picture post. You can also use editing tools and filters to enhance your product pictures.

5. Join Facebook Pages and Groups

Join its internal segments after creating your Facebook page and steering its marketplace to sell your Amazon products. We’re talking about hundreds and thousands of pages and groups that you can find on Amazon. Here you can find many buyers willing to buy your item. Also, you can connect with entrepreneurs, startups, and full-sized companies here.

6. Create your YouTube channel

Do not forget to extend your reach on the more versatile social media channel – YouTube. It doesn’t breathe with mere words or images but springs into action with powerfully interactive moving pictures – videos.

YouTube allows you to reveal your products in front of the camera. You’re able to demonstrate your products practically, providing hands-on experience to eager customers. Besides, YouTube allows you to be more expressive and connect emotionally with your clients.

7. Run ads on Facebook and YouTube

The two social media giants have the most users. Thus, running brand advertisements can help you a great deal. Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, and other social media channels are other good options, but they come in second place.

8. Tweet regularly about your Products

Twitter can help you put the gears and throttles to their most total capacities. Publishing conspicuous two-liners on Twitter can help you boost Amazon store traffic, attract more buyers, and boost sales.

9. Collaborate with Influencers

Social media celebrities are no less than superstars. Thus, employ them for the cause – to promote your Amazon products on social media. These people have millions of fans in the form of subscribers and followers, so expect far-reaching marketing effects.

10. Chat with your Customers on social media

Besides making social media accounts and activating your products there, chitchatting with clients is crucial. Connecting to them via social media messenger can undoubtedly help you authenticate your business. Also, help your brand gain the trust of customers eventually.

These are some great ideas to promote your Amazon products on social media. Nonetheless, these are pretty basic rituals to act upon to make a difference – earn extra profits. But if you wish to unlock premium social media tactics, we recommend hiring a professional. You can also use extensive social media marketing tools available. Many are free, while some require a monthly fee to unlock their best marketing tools. Do not forget to dig the internet for more techniques to advertise your Amazon brand on social media.

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