5 Tips on Amazon Ecommerce Store Setup

5 Tips on Amazon Ecommerce Store Setup

Amazon is leading all the way when we talk about eCommerce stores. There was no equal ten years ago, not a single one today, and not in the next ten years. Hence, you should be on it at your earliest. The best part of Bezos life creation is its limitless possibilities. It means a buyer with passion can easily outdo a sluggish brand making a few dollars for a while. Amazon that began as an online bookseller platform is now living at the edge. It has become a full-scale display area for local business and global brands. So, you better be opening your virtual shop soon.

Furthermore, Amazon has become more prevalent over the years. It has overthrown traditional street marketplaces for the greater good; allowing sellers and buyers interact online. There were more than 50% third party sellers on Amazon in 2020, and ever since that they’re increasing rapidly. It is the primary reason why Amazon eCommerce store setup services are becoming popular these days. USA is generating billions of dollars in revenue annually only by Amazon services. It shows how much the online shopping platform has been admired by the people.

Therefore, creating an Amazon store account should be your topmost priority. You cannot toss your money here and there anymore. It’s time to take a sincere step towards an out-and-out professionalism. Time to ditch those so-called professionals sweating and scowling for your hard-earned money. It’s the perfect 12 am ding-dong on the clock tower to commence your Amazon venture; to develop your amazing brand outlet. Below are the best ten tips to follow to create an excellent Amazon store setup. Read on!


1. Amazon Product Listing Optimizations

Selling products on Amazon doesn’t give you a free hand to rank up your brand atop Google searches. You must optimize your amazon product listings and their images to make a mark on SERPs. Indisputably, ranking higher on the search engines is the first best-selling tip anyone can give you. It’s essential that you do a deep keyword research beforehand. You cannot expect to earn the spotlight in the first go – immediately after setting up your Amazon store.

You can use different amazon deep keyword research tools to identify business terms with the highest user-search volumes. Pinpointing these keywords and using them to optimize your product listing, images, and store can work wonders.


2. A competitive pricing approach

Have you ever heard of price points? Well, if not then read on! These are specific valuations for the overall pricing of the product. In simple words, these are like different features of a smartphone. The first price pitching is all about trimming the cost to lowest in terms of market competition.

Ensure you provide perks as a side note. For instance, competitive pricing may include an Amazon bestseller tag. It curtails a trifling pricing difference; you selling the same product with a $5 increase. It doesn’t matter because Amazon certification balances the whole “pricing” scenario. Remember, Amazon algorithm also considers pricing for ranking your products on the website. Doing a little research for competitive pricing on Amazon is a good idea indeed.


3. High-Quality imageries

Do not expect people buy your products like crazy if you cannot reveal them on your Amazon store. Besides, buyers demand for high-quality picture before finalizing their decisions. You must realize that Amazon stores with ridiculously blurry images are seen as phony sellers by regular Amazon shoppers. Moreover, you can also provide 3D models for products, so people can enjoy a 360-degree full-view experience. The higher the quality of amazon product images are, higher the chances customers buy products from you.


4. Become a certified Amazon’s Buy Box Seller

You must own a professional Amazon store before assuming you can with the VIP Buy Box immunity pin. Once chosen by Amazon to have one, customers are able to add your products with a single button click. How amazing is that right? So, how can you own an Amazon Buy Box? Well, first you should be a genuine and passionate Amazon seller with a thriving brad store. Your ODR (Order Defect Rate), late shipment scores, and cancellation rates should be minimal.

Remember, Amazon only honors hard-working vendors that strive to provide high-quality products to clients. They promise to achieve distinction for multiple factors. The list includes competitive pricing, all-time stock availability, FBA (Fulfilment by Amazon) services, excellent product reviews, and 4.5+ seller ratings.


5. Establish a round-the-clock Customer Care Service

Make sure you provide excellent after-sales’ services to your customers. Do not become a ghost that vanishes out of sight once they catch their prey. Be sure you act as a normal human being on Amazon as well. Help your clients that have concerns with the products. Do not overtax them with stringent returns & exchange policy. Keep things easy for them and provide them a pleasant buying experience. Only hire people with jolly nature for customer care service. These are the ones that put others first before them.


Remember, Amazon is exactly like the Amazon River that falls into the Atlantic Ocean. You might see a few marketing channels and scenarios at first, but once you gain the momentum, the possibilities become unfathomable. Be prepared like a lion preying at night to catch up with hidden potentials on Amazon. Besides, you never know what you will come across on the biggest online shopping marketplace ever built.

On a serious side note, it all depends upon your brand’s nature, resources, and how much money you invest. The more you put forward the higher your chances to outperform your competitors. Thus, you will generate more over time. But the best part is that you can set up your Amazon store with baby steps and take it from there. Let opportunities come to you, but be ready to grab them vigilantly. Above captions are enough to help you create a full-fledged Amazon store, but experimenting with your brains is a bonus indeed! Never stop trying something new to accomplish never-seen-before Amazon store innovations.

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