Best ways to make Money online without spending a single penny

Best ways to make Money online without spending a single penny

Many people think they need a puffed-up wallet chocked with hefty cash to start a business. They’re absolutely right no doubt about that. But there are some clever people out there who only have pockets that are no less than piggy banks.

They’re magicians when it comes to making money online without spending a single dime.  For them, the clinking sound of pennies is what gives them the idea to improvise with what they have. Such individuals are masterminds when it comes to create sell online make money freeways. It’s better to befriend such people. Not that you want to take advantage of them, but to learn those livelihood techniques. Remember, what goes around comes around!

1. Sell Short Stories

You can easily make money online by creating imaginary stories, let alone ways to earn money online. If you got the right writing skills, you can use those creative juices to churn out cash from potential clients. There are several self-publishing platforms that accept short stories as well. You can send your short stories to websites and publication press to publish your made-up stories in their periodicals. This is a great way to earn passive income without spending a single dime. It helps you keep up with your life without going cashless by the end of the month

2. Write a Book

If writing short stories makes you happy, why not become a full-time self-publishing author to make money online? There are many popular self-publishing platforms available where you can upload your books in exchange for cash. The best writer’s online platform is Amazon’s KDP (Kindle Direct Publishing), CreateSpace, Wordsmash, iBooks, Kobo, and Draft2Digital.

Furthermore, you can create your personal blog page or become a blogger. Best blogging websites include Medium, WordPress, Blogger, and Ghost, to name a few. Besides, you can sell your articles online and earn a decent sidekick income.

3. Act as a middleman “Messenger”

You can also become a communicator (messenger) between two parties. Your task is to eliminate the communication gap between people, groups, or businesses. Becoming a messenger also known as a middleman helps keep up with effective activities. It also helps you gain ample experience and knowledge in due course.

4. Buy Grocery for others

Tired of going outside for home grocery shopping? You return home empty-handed with only brown bags filled with non-fiscal edibles? It’s time to improvise and impress people living next door. Try putting a poster in your vicinity promoting your many home errand skills including grocery shopping. You’ll definitely receive a call early in the morning. It’s good to see things running smoothly in a money-wise neighborhood.

5. Take Pets for a walk

Tired of walking alone in the park? It’s all your fault for not going well with people! Keep calm, and buy a few leashes for your leisure strolls. You can try to walk a cat, dog, rabbit, and even a fish in the bowl. Try to talk with them. Ultimately, it’s guaranteed you’ll start loving people after patting their pets on the back!

6. Make your Car as a makeshift Taxi

Are you homebound due to PS5 and Netflix? You feel terrible going outside in the real world full of noise and annoyance? At least you can dust off your bedridden car in the garage and recruit it under a ridesharing company like Uber, Careem, Lyft, Via, and Whatnot. Besides, if you’re a binge watcher that swallows the whole series in a single go. You can ride it in daytime to earn cash for paying your Netflix subscription fees.


There are endless ways to earn passive money without doing anything. It’s all about what you want to do. A few more ways to add in the list include writing emails, becoming a virtual assistant, or babysit little rascals at home.

Furthermore, these crude ways to earn money helps you keep your life boat sailing on the ocean of bankruptcy. It helps you reach ashore safe and sound until to redeem high grounds of prosperity. Best of luck for what you choose. Let the coin clinks make some roar!

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