What is Enhanced Brand Content, and why is it essential?

What is Enhanced Brand Content, and why is it essential?

Marketers may use Amazon's Enhanced Brand Content (EBC) to encourage potential buyers to buy their items on the platform. While Amazon may not provide the same level of branding freedom as your ecommerce site, they are constantly adding new ways for firms to customize their content and include their design. Although this area is optional, it is preferable to use it to lead your consumers farther down the buyer funnel and convert them into fresh new customers! EBC may be included in any approved brand's listings by creating a template with great images, product advantages, and branding.

What is Enhanced Brand Content?

Sellers certified as brand owners through Amazon's Brand Registry procedure are eligible to join EBC. Sellers will be able to add EBC to ASINs that are part of their authorized brand catalog once they have been approved as a brand owner, but they will not add content to ASINs that are not part of their brand.

Brand Registered Sellers can use this premium content tool to highlight the unique value proposition of their items with improved photos and text placements.

When utilized correctly, adding EBC to your product description pages may improve conversion rates, more traffic, and more purchases.

Benefits of Using EBC

EBC gives you an extra chance to grab your prospects' attention and persuade them to buy your items. This section highlights a few significant advantages:


Images encourage people to interact with your listing by engaging them. They provide you with more opportunities to show off what you're selling through product or lifestyle photography. Assist your buyers in visualizing how they might utilize your product in their daily lives. Overall, images impact how customers perceive their goods and might affect their buying choice.

Advantages of the Product

In the product title and the preliminary list of bullets beneath it, Amazon provides minimal room to describe product benefits. This area of the text allows you to showcase the unique value of your product.


EBC branding offers you additional options to make your listing stand out and deliver a better experience than your rivals' listings. You may put a logo and information about your business, as well as the individual product, in your unique content. You can't force people to revisit your website, but you can help them learn more about the product they're looking at and the company that makes it.

Reduces product returns

EBC facilitates the transmission of all product information. A consumer who understands what to expect from a product is less likely to return to leave negative feedback or request a refund.

Image Composition for EBC

Consider the framing of your photographs before adding them to your EBC. The product should be prominently presented as the image's primary emphasis. Make sure to show the goods from several angles and perspectives. On the back of bottles, the inside/underside of items, and closeups of individual product portions, you may display ingredients and nutrition statistics (like switches and knobs, small details, etc.).

Demonstrate someone using your product. Consumers want to see how they will use your goods, not just still-life photographs. In lifestyle shots, pay attention to the surroundings. All components of your image must make sense and be consistent with the style and look of your company.

Incorporate a range of perspectives in your lifestyle photographs, just like you would with product shots. You may also use photographs with on-brand text callouts superimposed on them, generating clean, appealing graphics that will capture customers' attention.

Writing Content For EBC

Be creative! Don't take words from your website and use them in your writing. While your product listing may not always have enough material to avoid duplicate content concerns, it's critical to optimize your product listing for Amazon. Take some time to write insightful material for the marketplace audience and algorithm here.

Consider what information someone looking for a product like yours on Amazon would most want or need to know. Fortunately, if you've been selling on Amazon for a time, you've probably figured out what your buyers are thinking. You may also go through your reviews to see any patterns regarding what people enjoy about the product and what they are most curious about.

You can't precisely cite reviews, but you can use them to figure out which features and applications of your product to highlight in your EBC, as well as which concerns to address so that customers understand what they're getting before they buy. When someone is dissatisfied because they expect something different, it is terrible for you and your clients.

Improve Your Amazon Product Listings with Enhanced Brand Content 

Your EBC's ultimate purpose is to showcase the qualities and applications of your items that will assist buyers in comprehending what they're going to buy. However, transparency in your EBC can lead to satisfied consumers who desire to tell others about your items.

You may utilize the EBC section to provide a visually improved experience for your consumers and assist them in making a better-educated decision before they buy. It can help you boost conversions and reduce the number of angry consumers who have not met their expectations. It's worth making use of a substantial EBC section on your Seller Central Listings because it's a win-win for you and the consumer.

Final Words

It is essential to follow the latest techniques to stand out in today's competitive market. Hence, you have a fair and reasonable chance to increase the number of sales on Amazon today. All the best!

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