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Sell Online Make Money is one of the top-rated Amazon book designing agencies, assisting thousands of book writers and owners in helping manage readability and fluency. It is a popular entity that sells millions of copies globally. However, every book needs an attractive appearance to appeal to the audience.

Leading Amazon Book Designing Solutions

We will assign you experienced Amazon book cover designing experts who will cater to your needs in a cordial and cooperative manner.

Impress the audience

An impression is something that can only be made once. Readers won't even attempt to read your book, even if you've written a bestseller, unless your book cover design captures their interest. Therefore, the most crucial component of your published work is a mesmerizing cover that can inspire readers without a second thought.

  • Higher understanding level
  • Appeal the readers
  • Impressive writing styles
  • Connect with users
  • Proper delivery and fluency
  • Build author identity

Author Identity

Our team is highly qualified and experienced in syncing the author’s writing style and contextual identity in their book projects. If you are a novice who does not know how to design or write a book, we can help you produce a masterpiece that will be praised by readers worldwide. We will strengthen your author identity through practical book development strategies and plans.

  • Appeal like-minded readers
  • Compelling narrative creation
  • Build your identity as author
  • Have an outstanding pen name
  • Build relationship with readers
  • Become an expert in the genre

Customizable services

The book designing for Amazon is tailored to your genre, goals, and skill level. Whether you are someone starting from scratch or refining your current efforts, our experts are here to guide you on book promotions and render amazing Amazon book designing solutions.

  • Charm the buyers
  • Appeal the readers
  • Be instantly notable
  • Connect with users
  • Increase Amazon searches
  • Build Author identity

Best illustrations

People judge a book by its cover. A reader or book buyer observes the book exterior for a limited time before buying it. Therefore, book cover design plays a crucial role. If you want your book to be the next bestseller, hire us and enjoy our services.

  • Develop your imagination
  • Attractive illustrations
  • Connection to the narrative
  • Better readers engagement
  • Interesting reader experience
  • Appealing & unique aesthetics

Experienced artwork

A great book design begins with the perfect cover. The design team of Sell Online Make Money offers its services to all book authors worldwide. We have designed stunning artwork for all types of clients – from children's literature to self-help books, cookbooks, autobiographies, and more.

  • Elicit emotional responses
  • Engage readers
  • Better expressions
  • Improved visuals
  • Improved understanding
  • Captivate readers

Interior graphics

Since the interior of your book is just as important as the exterior, we ensure it remains a vital and engaging experience for all. Whether you have a novel, or a self-help book, our team provides you with custom typesetting and interiors. We do startling artistry for your custom covers, internal book design, illustration, and more.

  • Sense of freshness
  • Increases visual comfort
  • Confers identity
  • Visually communicates
  • Bring meaning to words
  • Connect with the text


Engage with book readers and buyers. Witness hike in conversion rates with our awesome book covers.

Genre-specific ideas

We search Author Central and Amazon listings for books that are similar to yours.

Social platform friendly

Our expert will optimize your current profile on the choice of your social platforms.

Stand out from the competition

We enable you to stand out from the competition by optimizing your Amazon page.

Innovative design approach

Our experts will create a narrow roadmap focusing on what is best for your book.

Network expansion

We use high-ranking keywords to provide your book with more online prominence.

Track your progress

We track your progress with social analytics to keep you moving forward & achieve goals.


We follow an elaborate and meaningful procedure to help our clients. It permits them to understand the things far more nicely.

Project discussion

Sell Online Make Money discusses Amazon book designing with users in detail. We talk over available Amazon book designing services and Amazon book designing solutions. The user shares their ideas relevant to their book.

  • Give us an idea of what the user wants

  • The basic user ideology acts as a thread

  • We gather clarity of projects easily

Order placement

The customer places an order after a basic project discussion. After that, we officially begin the project with all the demands of the customer for book designing for Amazon. If the customer asks for a project manager, we provide him with an experienced one.

  • Forward-thinking approach

  • Instructions to keep us on track

  • Material sharing for ideas

Project conceptualization

Our members are specialists in Amazon book cover designing, starting their work on a unique book cover that matches the ingredients such as story, plot, character, story backdrop and other details shared by the client.

  • Approach every Amazon book differently

  • Attempt to capture its essence and morals

  • The book reaches the target audience

Front cover design

The front cover strikes the attention of buyers. Therefore, Sell Online Make Money aims to provide spectacular, high-quality book cover design services to support our authors because it is a crucial component for its promotion.

  • Front cover is the primary design element of the book

  • Everyone evaluates a book by its front cover details

  • The front cover is the first impression of your book

Back cover design

Imagine having a dark color background with a font color that barely makes it visible to readers. We don’t make such mistakes. The importance of a back cover design is no less than pivotal. The canvas carries the synopsis and some of the significant details of the book – it needs to be flawless.

  • The back cover is a great way to entice readers

  • The back cover contributes to seek buyer attention

  • Readily available guide for readers to judge a book

Book spine design

This area’s dimensions are narrow, but since it is one section that appears on the shelves of libraries and book stores and even at home – this part of the book cover needs extra brainstorming to look perfect. Our professionals render remarkable spine cover designs.

  • It entails book title, author’s name, & logo.

  • It displays the most important information.

  • Book spine design helps readers discover it

Customer insights

Optimizing customer journeys, converting insights into readable intelligence and assimilating our client's information (author, book publisher, book marketing team, etc.) are important aspects of customer insights.

  • It permits our designers to infuse correct details

  • It helps in “their ideas, our creativity” approach

  • It brings clarity to the book design generation

Design revisions

Once the basic design draft is up for review, we send it to the client and explain all the fine points and specifications. If the customer finds it suitable to continue, we begin our work. If they request some tweaks, we take the suggestion to the designer.

  • It empowers the design and ensures perfection

  • Keeps away chances of any misinterpreted data

  • Enhance the design as per the client's idea

Design delivery

The Amazon book cover designing is finalized and forwarded to the customer. Sell Online Make Money delivers the book designing for Amazon in the format the customer asks for.

  • Timely delivery of the projects

  • Share the client's work on sites

  • Files in the desired format

Post-project assistance

Sell Online Make Money takes pride in associating with customers. We are in connection with our clients till the end of the project. Our post-project assistance allows customers to come back to us.

  • fosters a sense of trust in our customers

  • Chat, call & email support for clients

  • 100% satisfaction by post assistance


Out of many, here are some of our customer reviews:

Angie Roberts

They handled my Amazon store excellently and their team is highly responsive. They not only kept us updated about the progress, but also entertained all the buyer's queries really well. I recommend their Amazon marketing services.

Benjamin Stafford

I hired them to manage my fashion store on Amazon and they did a great job with the managing as well as marketing. I am highly satisfied with their services.

Stanley Lucas

I would give them a hundred stars if I could. Their services exceeded my expectations and the results I got from their services were exceptional. I am glad that I chose to work with such a professional agency.

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