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From choosing what to offer on Global Source to the launch strategy, you need to improve the listing, campaigns, daily operations, and the store’s visual appeal, all of which can be handled by our professional team.

Advantages of B2B Services Marketplace

Our team's certified B2B experts procure workflows, make substantial cost reductions, provide unified purchasing experiences, and much more. Below are some of the advantages of a B2B Services Marketplace.

Meet Buyer Expectations

90% of B2B consumers desire to digitize their purchasing procedures. However, only 7% of industrial suppliers intend to revamp their sales team in the next two years. You can immediately satisfy the buyer's expectation by utilizing existing digital sales infrastructure rather than developing your own. Marketplaces offer the tools for current and potential clients to locate your products online and place orders using a quick checkout procedure.

Reach More Buyers

Suppliers and manufacturers can create new revenue streams by selling directly to a broader range of distributors and end-users. Contracting new carriers, negotiating spot prices, and setting up the technical capacity to track shipments are all possible aspects of coordinating fulfillment and delivery of less-than-truckload shipments.

Reap the Benefit of Platform Marketing

Most marketplace owners run marketing strategies to draw in specific leads and promote the products displayed on their websites. With less money spent on marketing, sellers can still profit from the platform's advertising efforts. The network effect of the market can also assist retailers. Customers are already swarming to the forum, searching for information, commodities, and services as a resource for product comparison.

Outsource Payment Processing

The marketplace operator handles your payments when you sell through them, saving you time and money. The marketplace operator also manages the challenging sales tax collection and remittance process. This significantly lessens the burden on sellers, given that more than 13,000 sales tax jurisdictions in the US frequently alter regulations and rates.

Expand Geographic Sales Area without Opening New Stores

All these expenses are subject to the risky conditions of an emerging market. By switching out physical expansion for digital expansion and reaching a more significant geographic market, merchants can avoid these costs by selling their goods on marketplaces. Furthermore, unlike a brand-new standalone eCommerce store, marketplaces frequently have ongoing marketing campaigns, logistics alliances, and site visitors.

Market Validation

Suppliers can leverage the market environment for demand testing and A/B testing of product variants without risking their brand's reputation on unproven products. Once you can demonstrate a market for a given product, you can start manufacturing it confidently.

How Our Services Can Help Your Business

Following are some amazing reasons why you need to engage us for our Alibaba B2B supply services:

Your Business

Improve your store solutions and accelerate the growth of your brand to see a boost in online sales.

With Customers

We assist you in building relationships with clients and deliver an immersive customer experience.

Fast Turnaround

Our store designers have a high level of expertise and can help you build a successful business.

Experienced Store Builders

Our team of experienced store builders build online stores that increase sales and productivity.

Improved Insights

Get the insights managed by experienced staff and monitor your performance through insights.


We are one of the most economical eCommerce stores that aid in the creation of your ideal brand store.

Features of Our Global Source B2B Supply Marketplace

To increase sales efficiency and enhance the client experience, let's examine B2B eCommerce characteristics and web store features.

Account Onboarding

The essential component that aids in classifying B2B company consumers is account onboarding. It assists in integrating a separate registration procedure, making it possible for company endeavors to register with several websites. Additionally, it's crucial in B2B to have a separate login for resellers.

  • Make a great initial impression on the audience.

  • Ensure that your product is ranked higher and that it receives more traffic.

  • Utilize top-notch photos to stand out among millions of comparable products.

Customized Product Blocks

Website features based on heat maps, high interactive regions, and relevant content based on user experience/business priorities are another crucial aspect of B2B business.

  • For any client, you must be able to produce and modify a wide variety of pricing lists.

  • Price lists can be lengthy with a limitless number of price tiers, points, and currencies.

  • We keep price lists in sync with your ERP system

"My Account" Page

Customers can track their online activity by visiting the ‘My Account’ section. It includes accounting, profile management, and order management facilities. The page offers shopping lists, aging reports, loan applications, tax exemptions, and many other features.

  • Boost store speed and performance to gain a competitive edge.

  • Fewer customers are likely to leave your store if it loads quickly.

  • Win the audience’s trust through exceptional management.

Sample Product Ordering

When dealing with companies that offer bulk orders, customers want to test the quality of the products by utilizing samples. This function enables the website to provide sample products to clients before they place huge orders.

  • Minimum order amount to complete an order.

  • Maximum order quantity per product.

  • Specific quantity of products sold in packs, cases, etc.

Multiple Pricing

Having a customized pricing strategy is essential for B2B customers. Pricing can be created depending on various factors, including client groups, geographical pricing, volume-based purchasing, etc. These are essential for wholesale accounts.

  • For any client, you must be able to produce and modify a wide variety of pricing lists.

  • Price lists can be lengthy with a limitless number of price tiers, points, and currencies.

  • We keep price lists in sync with your ERP system.

Request a Quote Feature

Implementing a "request a quote" feature after live chat is also an excellent idea. Introduce this functionality if your ordering procedure is complicated or you frequently deal with large amounts. Including a short form or other inquiry buttons in this functionality can simplify queries and improve lead generation.

  • The requirement for a customer-specific product catalog follows closely behind the capacity to offer pricing for each customer.

  • You'll want your eCommerce website to allow products for specific customers, such as B2B clients.

  • Through our expertise, you can enlist a customized product catalog

Flexible Checkout

All eCommerce stores depend heavily on their checkout procedure, especially B2B stores. We advise you to include new features like guest checkout, address retrieval, flexible payment choices, and placement of past orders. This may provide the comfort your customers seek, and it will unquestionably aid in the faster development of your website.

  • Purchase Orders.

  • Corporate Accounts.

  • Net 30 (60 or 90).

Live Customer Support

If you feel stressed about buying a pair of sneakers online, imagine those who purchase thousands of machine parts in bulk. To ease difficulties, you can try to build a live chat facility so that it is simple to keep up with clients and stay abreast with the sales quantity. Have a FAQ or a contact page added, which would help deal with various inquiries.

  • Placing Orders

  • Total Order

  • Catalog Choice

Real-Time Inventory Levels

Your clients will benefit significantly from real-time inventory changes when you make your product pages more effective. It can assist you in keeping up with the inventory levels and reduce the chance of any mishappening. Because these real-time updates will undoubtedly aid in handling customer care much more effectively, we advise you to ensure timely updates.

  • The capacity to design an unlimited number of unique eCommerce workflows to accommodate both buyers and seller-related procedures should be a key feature throughout your technical examination.

  • You should be able to customize various workflows using a configurable workflow engine, including order submission, order checkout, and replenishment.

  • Everything from inventory synchronization, pricing calculations, quote management, order confirmation, negotiation, routing, and approvals are made possible by the built-in automation engine.

Reorder or Quick Order Functionality

B2B customers know precisely what they want, sometimes down to the SKU or item number. This function enables consumers to quickly add products to the cart without repeatedly searching and browsing for the same item. Placing orders with several SKUs can be challenging if done correctly.

  • Placing quick orders aids in inventory management and guarantees clients approval.

  • You can monitor the status of each order.

  • You can increase the effectiveness and safety of orders.


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