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Sell Online Make Money helps businesses with the world-leading ‘Made in China B2B platform’. We help expand your partnerships, increase sales, and grow your brand efficiently. Our experts understand different industries and manage the tasks to ensure seamless operations.

Advantages of B2B Services Marketplace

Our team's certified B2B experts procure workflows, make substantial cost reductions, provide unified purchasing experiences, and much more. Below are some of the advantages of a B2B Services Marketplace.

Find New Partners Easily

When the Internet became a functioning worldwide network, it was only a matter of time before companies started seeking methods to communicate with one another. The first B2B online marketplace naturally emerged, allowing businesses to connect, collaborate, and enter into contracts online. This platform provided the ability to communicate and find new international partners for entertaining global business. It also assisted buyers in cutting their expenditures for locating new business and purchasing opportunities.

Find the Best Price Offers

Once you have identified a few vendors who fit your requirements, you can quickly compare their costs and terms of delivery. Additionally, purchasers can send inquiries to various sellers using the marketplace program and compare the pricing offers. You can purchase your goods or services at the lowest cost by using our B2B platforms' features. Track pricing by vendors and compare them in real-time.

Unified Purchasing Experience

A unified experience for the buyer and the seller is provided through global B2B marketplaces and interconnected platforms. All your requirements are agglomerated in a single location to start a supply deal, evaluate proposals and costs, and finalize them. Additionally, you can benefit from contract templates tailored to your unique specifications and demands. Managing contracts is becoming simpler, saving you time and money. Also, significant cost reductions occur due to standardizing and automating purchasing processes and procedures.

Find Similar Product Matches

A B2B marketplace enables sellers to connect with different buyers for each good or service they provide. This helps the buyers to find the replicated product they desire. Colors, sizes, and dimensions are some of the characteristics that buyers seek, along with product availability and delivery conditions like shipping rates and taxes.

Select Payment Method

Although not all payment options are compatible with every buyer, most B2B marketplaces provide a list of conventional and cutting-edge payment options. You can select payment methods, such as wire transfers, credit cards, etc. Specialized marketplaces accept these options, which is just a matter of time until more marketplaces follow suit.

Monitor Spending and Forecast Transactions

Buyers can keep tabs on their spending and calculate costs of recent purchase contracts by utilizing the built-in monitoring features of a B2B platform. Once you have enough information, you can quickly optimize your purchase strategy and related costs. A B2B platform allows you to forecast different transactions and even automate some transactions to acquire the best price or delivery terms when used with predictive analytical tools.

How Our Services Can Help Your Business

Following are some amazing reasons why you need to engage us for our Alibaba B2B supply services:

Your Business

Improve your store solutions and accelerate the growth of your brand to see a boost in online sales.

With Customers

We assist you in building relationships with clients and deliver an immersive customer experience.

Fast Turnaround

Our store designers have a high level of expertise and can help you build a successful business.

Experienced Store Builders

Our team of experienced store builders build online stores that increase sales and productivity.

Improved Insights

Get the insights managed by experienced staff and monitor your performance through insights.


We are one of the most economical eCommerce stores that aid in the creation of your ideal brand store.

Features of Made In China B2B Supply Marketplace

To increase sales efficiency and enhance the client experience, let's examine B2B eCommerce characteristics and web store features.

Access Controls, Roles & Permissions

Customers have a variety of job titles and responsibilities on B2B platforms and eCommerce websites. So, it's crucial to ensure they have access to data to complete their tasks. An admin user can add customers and grant permissions to them as well as unauthorized users.

  • Improve your performance by taking note of the blunders made by your competition.

  • Our research assists in increasing traffic and sales for your company.

  • We assist you in locating potential new positions

Corporate Account Management

The B2B eCommerce user experience necessitates far more personalization than B2C. A B2B account consists of several users with distinctive roles and purchasing privileges, mainly when working with business divisions or sub-units.

  • Make a great initial impression on the audience.

  • Negotiations and maintenance of sales and service contracts.

  • Responsible for maintaining relationships between clients and VAR.

Multiple Organizations, Websites & Stores

Numerous companies oversee international brands operating in various nations, currencies, and tax laws. As a result, our company may find that the scalability and localization capabilities of your B2B eCommerce system are essential.

  • Sync inventory.

  • Assure supply availability, forecast demand, and oversee purchasing.

  • Complete control over the inventory offered

Content Management System

A content management system enables users to manage and update content in real-time without waiting for a developer. It makes it easy for businesses to add new web pages as their business grows without needing a developer. You can clearly express the benefits of your products and anticipate the concerns of different decision-makers by using materials such as product descriptions, videos, certificates, and marketing brochures.

  • To give you complete control over the content, layout, and tools.

  • Marketing and merchandising teams should be able to update content and product pages using content editors.

  • A drag-and-drop mechanism makes it simple to give the desired style and feel to the material.

Personalized B2B Catalog Management

Online selling doesn't have a one-size-fits-all strategy. Your eCommerce solution must be customized to how you conduct business online. Therefore, one of the most critical B2B eCommerce features is B2B catalog management.

  • Boost store speed and performance to gain a competitive edge.

  • Fewer customers are likely to leave your store if it loads quickly.

  • Win the audience’s trust through exceptional management.

Multiple Price Lists

In B2B eCommerce, pricing can become complicated at times. The number of purchases, pre-negotiated discounts, frequency of investments, and various other factors can affect prices. They could also be determined dynamically using special pricing and business principles.

  • For any client, you must be able to produce and modify a wide variety of pricing lists.

  • Price lists can be lengthy with a limitless number of price tiers, points, and currencies.

  • We keep price lists in sync with your ERP system.

Multiple Shopping Lists

Corporate buyers can place purchases through various channels, but many choose to use shopping lists for large or frequent transactions. Many B2B customers manage multiple projects, need various products for business sectors, or even make purchases on behalf of different individuals. Such sales settings require more than one shopping cart to accommodate multiple shopping requirements.

  • Shopping lists include time-saving elements, such as the capacity to execute operations in bulk.

  • We assist customers in adding, removing, duplicating, or using lists to order or get estimates.

  • Customers can have different choices; some of them are a shopping list or a cart.

Segmentation & Custom Reports

Your B2B eCommerce platform is ideal for account-based marketing, segmentation, and customer behavior analytics since it has access to enormous amount of data. You should be able to monitor critical businesses, KPIs and different marketing strategies.

  • A customizable reporting engine and dashboard allow your marketing teams to acquire valuable insights into the customers' data.

  • It will assist you in understanding your consumers' buying trends, creating timely, focused marketing campaigns, and tracking critical business metrics.

  • With the help of Sell Online Make Money’s reporting engine, you can monitor any metric following a business unit or account.

Flexible Custom Workflows

Don't forget to consider your marketplace’s versatility when choosing your B2B eCommerce software. A shopping cart website should never be treated as a "set it and forget it" project. Markets will eventually change, opportunities will arise, and clients will request more functionality.

  • The capacity to design an unlimited number of unique eCommerce workflows to accommodate buyer and seller-related procedures should be a key feature.

  • You should be able to customize workflows using a configurable workflow engine, including order submission, order checkout, and replenishment.

  • Everything from inventory synchronization, pricing calculations, quote management, order confirmation, negotiation, routing, and approvals are made possible by the built-in automation engine.

Self-Servicing Options

Instead of engaging with sales representatives through smartphones, customers are increasingly choosing the self-service option. B2B-specific outlets should have a variety of features, such as responsiveness and ease of use. Additionally, your system should enable buyers' frequent needs to request quotations, make orders, create reorders, change data, or track shipments.

  • B2B portal capabilities cannot replace interpersonal communication.

  • You can tailor to customers' needs or modify conditions through B2B eCommerce self-service options.

  • Self-service options help you achieve your objectives of developing and maintaining client connections.


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